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One of the widely used security software Avast Antivirus, has millions of users around the globe. Avast Tech Support is known to furnish its users with computer security, anti-spyware, firewall, browser security etc. The software provides complete Avast Customer Support against the threat from internet, emails, P2P connections and many more. Over the years the demand for Avast Antivirus has escalated over the recent years. This is because the best in class protection with the help of Avast Tech Support Phone Number. Avast Tech Support has a level of features that are unmatchable and is believed to deliver the best services at all measures. Some major features include webcam shield, sensitive data shield, ransomware shield and other facility like do not disturb mode. Unique and amazing features like these attracts a number of customers each day. And with Avast Customer Support Phone Number this number is sure to increase in more quantity.
As far as compatibility is considered this software can work with both Windows and Mac Operating System subject to the following requirements being fulfilled
  • Windows 7 and above
  • RAM above 265 MB
  • Minimum hard disk space of 2 GB
  • A steady internet connection to download And a screen resolution of at least 800×600 pixel.

For more information on Avast Antivirus software, you can contact Avast Support Phone Number.



These are the steps you can follow to ensure a safe, secured setup and installation of the Antivirus program on your computer. However, the experts at Avast Customer Support Phone Number can provided you guidance on this issue better.
Step 1: Go to the Avast Support website in your browser. Avast’s website will assess your computer’s operating system as it opens.
Step 2: Click on the “Download Free Antivirus” to get your copy of free antivirus software.
Step 3: The Avast setup will detect the apt software version that is suitable for your system. If the setup is unable to take place you can Contact Avast Support and know the best version for your system.
Step 4: The file will be downloaded automatically. All you have to do is to wait for downloading to end. If you face any issue check your internet connection first, if the problem persists contact our experts at Avast Customer Phone Number.
Step 5: On double clicking the setup file you can open the Setup file. This will automatically open the setup window.
Step 6: Follow the instructions that the series of prompts are leading you to. Click “yes” and check the green install button and then click “Continue”
Step 7: The download and installation process are complete. You can now see an Avast icon on your screen. Get ready to start an amazing and secured experience.

If you face any issues or you get stuck with the installation process reach out to our experts at Avast Tech Support Phone Number.



Nothing is absolutely perfect all the time. but we at Avast Customer Support can make your Avast Antivirus software work just perfectly. With technical factors there are always bound to be some issues, and Avast Antivirus is not an exception. It can sometimes cause issues and inconvenience to is users. This is where you need Avast Customer Support Phone Number.

Problems that the customers generally face are

  • Insufficient Storage: Generally, this problem occurs in the old versions of Microsoft windows or when the Avast software hasn’t been updated for a long time.
  • Blue Screen of Death: this is an issue that arises due to compatibility error between one of Avast drivers and intel CPU.
  • Start menu and Cortona becoming unresponsive: with this problem, the start menu and the Cortana is locked, making it unresponsive to user commands.
  • Issue with Avast serverDNS: when the Avast serverDNS fails to protect the user from phishing attacks by online hackers. This sometimes puts a risk to the user and their information.
  • Problems like these can occur in your system anytime. If you cite any f these of any other issues reach out to our experts at Avast Tech Support Phone Number. Our experts are here for you with 24×7 availability of best assistance and resolution to your problems.

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We Avast Tech Support are just a call away from you. All you have to do is to call at Avast Support Number and our team will be available to you with the most feasible, secured and best solutions for all issues regarding your Avast Antivirus software.